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 Help!! mold in my dart frog tank?

Hi all I have a 10 gallon tank that I have set up for my dart frogs but there is some mold growing on the moss? I havent gotten a fan yet its on its way so I wonder if its because of the lack of air movment also the water turns a faint green color and I dont know why? temps are 77-80 day and 72-75 night humidity 80 + any help would be nice and soon they are coming tomorrow.

11/19/07  03:44pm


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 Help!! mold in my dart frog tank?

Just remove the items that have mold on them. Try to keep your substrate clean, pick up any poo or dead insects that may me on/in it.With high humidity you are bound to always get some type of mold or fungus.Most of it can be harmless but annoying. Defiantly try a low blow fan and see in that helps.

As for the water, the green could be algae which is completely harmless. Green algae generally appears when there is a high amount of light and nutrients for it to consume.

11/20/07  06:06pm

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