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 3 turtles to good home

Hi everyone. My boyfriend has 2 RES ( 1 female 1 male we believe) and a yellow bellied sldier ( female?) that he is looking to adopt out to someone who has experience with these turtles. They are all together in a large kiddie pool kept inside the house. We love these turtles but we want the best for them and we donít feel like we have enough time for them anymore. The RESís are about 6" long and the yellow bellied is about 5". The female RES was adopted at petco because she is missing part of her foot due to her cagemates. They all have very good temperments even though the male is a little skittish. We have been told to let them go but we feel that would be cruel since they have all been raised in captivity and RESís are taking over the turtle population in Fl. They are illegal to sell here now. If anyone is interested in them and is close to the Tallahassee, Fl. area please get back to me. Iíll try to post some pics soon. Thanks for looking, Sarah

11/11/07  09:44pm

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