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Kaos Monkey
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 Ybt and fbt

should/could my yellow bellied toads and my fire bellied toads breed together to create healthy offspring? I have 1 yellow belly male, 3 fire belly males and 1 fire belly female. They all mate with the female but the female never seems to lay her eggs. could it be a problem with stress? I have had these for almost 2 years and iím not sure what stress on a fireb belly looks like. Thank you

10/26/07  01:03am


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  Message To: Kaos Monkey   In reference to Message Id: 1490876

 Ybt and fbt

Wow, 4 males to 1 female? Youíre going to kill the female if you dont fix that. Normal numbers are 1 male 3 females. This makes it so the male will mate with different females, thus reducing the stress level on the female.

If you want to experiment with the YBT and the FBT, then separate those two into their own enclosure and see what happens.

12/11/07  03:52pm

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