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My mom and I just drove for an hour to Grand Rapids to get a Mud Puppy for my Dad. They didn’t have actual "mud puppies" but they did have something called an Axelot. The petstore person told us it is a basically a mud puppy that doesn’t change into a salamander. We bought 2 of then for $20 each. She said one is completely albino because it has red eyes and she said the other is "half albino" because it has black eyes. She told us to keep them alone in cold water. She also told us to feed them blood worms, earth worms, small goldfish and rosy’s. Is there anything she didn’t tell us? Thanks for any input.

We also got a fairly large african clawed frog at the same time. We were told to keep her alone as well (other than with other same sized african clawed frogs) and in cool water. She told us to also feed her blood worms, earth worms, small goldfish, and rosy’s. Is there anything we missed on that.

07/13/07  08:37pm


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well... yeah they apparently didn’t tell you its spelled axolotl and also you dont have to feed it bugs there are axolotl food that looks like fish food. also when young they are cannibalistic so you might want 2 tanks for them if they are young. this was posted like 3 years ago so hope you still read this = )

10/17/10  08:01pm

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