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 FREE reptiles/amphibains and tanks

[Hi again. I created a couple online photo albums of the tanks and inhabitants for this and other forums, and I wrote up a new description list. There are some good pics of the Flat Rock Lizard, Banded Gecko, Lined Day Gecko and Gold Dust Days Gecko, as well as the Fire Belly Toads and the terrariums!]


I am moving and looking for good homes for my reptile and amphibian pets. I am giving them away for FREE to qualified persons, and not for resale (otherwise I could just drop them off at a local pet store). I am not willing to ship them so interested persons must come an pick them at my apartment in Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York (its a nice neighborhood). I am also giving away the terrariums the animals are housed in, and I would prefer that people take both the animals and their terrariums (either the Toad Tank or the Gecko Tank or both). Ive had all of the animals for over a year, and most for more than three years. All are well established, healthy, and eating.

Ive created two online photo albums, one for the Gecko Tank and inhabitants, and one for the Toad tank and inhabitants. Both albums contain pictures of the various inhabitants of the tanks.

The Gecko Tank (20 gallon tall. Includes full-spectrum fluorescent, heat stone, cave, fan):

1. Line Day Gecko. Probably the best gecko Ive ever had. Very tame, active, friendly and gorgeous. East voraciously, and will take food from fingertips.
2. Gold Dust Day Gecko. A beautiful lizard Ive have for a couple years. Less brave than the Line Day Gecko, but will take meal worm pupas from fingertips. Both day geckos will consume apricot or peach baby food let in a container.
3. Banded Gecko. This is a large specimen for a Banded Gecko, and while he would never bother the other lizards, he does not like people. He has always been a ferocious, but extremely cute and harmless little gecko. If you upset his terrarium he will defend his territory with extreme vigor, leaping and squeaking. Also a gorgeous lizard, and easy to care for. Eats crickets and meal worms. Loves the cave that you can see in the photos.
4. Flat Rock Lizard. This lizard has amazing color. A pink tail, shades of green, black splotches on its throat (see pictures). This lizard loves to bath in the planter or water dish! He also loves the heat stone. But he is a skittish lizard, that bounces around the terrarium if disturbed. I think it would be best to keep him separately from the less berserk geckos, but he is fine with them and shares the cave with the Banded Gecko. He eats everything.

The Toad Tank (33 gallon long. Incl: gorgeous natural decorative rocks, Java moss, fern, bamboo, driftwood, filter, fan):

1. There are 4 Fire Belly Toads that Ive had for several years. All are very healthy and robust and will take food from ones fingers. They frequently call, which sounds like monkeys in the distance. They also sometimes make a trilling sound. These are the best amphibian pets for beginners. The toads are extremely hardy, and, one never has to deal with their waste in the terrarium Ive set up. I think the rams horn snail colony must take care of it, and it may break down and feed the teeming Java moss (it takes years to grow the amount of Java moss that is flourishing in the tank).
2. There is a group of breeding feeder guppies living in the water.
3. There is a colony of rams horn snails (very useful for cleaning objects and sifting through the gravel).

This tank looks like a mini-ecosystem, and would be great for a science or biology class display, or as a centerpiece in a home.

If you are interested in the tanks or the pets contact me at: or

After that we can talk on the phone to make arrangements for pick-up

02/17/05  08:42pm


Joe Gatorman
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  Message To: Alienslime   In reference to Message Id: 251421

 FREE reptiles/amphibains and tanks

Do you have any empty tanks that you are looking to get rid of?

04/07/05  05:24pm


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  Message To: Alienslime   In reference to Message Id: 251421

 FREE reptiles/amphibains and tanks

I was interested in the toad tank until I saw your location (I’m in MD)... I am just curious as to why you are getting rid of your pets. You sound very dedicated to caring for them properly. Money aside, think hard before you give them up. It sounds like you’ll miss them.

04/09/05  06:19pm


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  Message To: Alienslime   In reference to Message Id: 251421

 FREE reptiles/amphibains and tanks

I am interested... I am in south Jersey....are you willing to meet part way?

04/16/05  03:35pm


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  Message To: Alienslime   In reference to Message Id: 251421

 FREE reptiles/amphibains and tanks

I live in queens and would love to have them. i have my own but i have plenty of room for more.

05/03/05  03:33pm


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  Message To: Epiphanyb   In reference to Message Id: 331847

 FREE reptiles/amphibains and tanks

i live in illinois im not that far do you think youd be able to ship the stuff over

03/05/06  12:24am


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  Message To: Jagaur423   In reference to Message Id: 678223

 FREE reptiles/amphibains and tanks

I live in Brooklyn and would be willling to take any healthy lizard (handle able is best).

03/16/06  08:20pm


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  Message To: Jagaur423   In reference to Message Id: 678223

 FREE reptiles/amphibains and tanks

read her post, she says she will NOT ship them.

03/16/06  09:27pm


L.I. Reptile Rescue
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  Message To: Alienslime   In reference to Message Id: 251421

 FREE reptiles/amphibains and tanks


We are an upcoming Reptile/Amphibian Rescue located on Long Island. Wed be more than happy to take some of these animals off your hands and into a good home if you still have them available.

Please get in touch if you do, and the pictures are not working!


03/22/06  03:00pm


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  Message To: L.I. Reptile Rescue   In reference to Message Id: 704362

 FREE reptiles/amphibains and tanks

Just my 2 cents but if anyone does take any of these MAKE sure you take them strait to a vet! If you read the post the 4 different species of gecko have been housed in the same enclosure, so heaven knows if theyve passed parasites etc to each other. DONT MIX SPECIES> everyone says that so why do people still do it?!

03/24/06  09:08am


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  Message To: Art_Gecko   In reference to Message Id: 706766

 FREE reptiles/amphibains and tanks

Because its peoples personal decisions to house what they want together and most people understand the view of others and dont need to be told repeatedly what the already know, its a risk some people want to take and they have the right to do it

03/26/06  04:02pm


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  Message To: TEK9   In reference to Message Id: 710230

 FREE reptiles/amphibains and tanks

Even though this person obviously knows how to post an offer, with amazing detail, albeit the pictures not working, you people dont read it and still ask if he can ship them! Sorry but is slightly bothersome to the person posting and to people trying to reply because it takes up space when you all ask the same questions that have been previously answered. I just woke up.

04/04/06  12:30pm


WPB Exotic Rescue
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  Message To: MadHatter   In reference to Message Id: 724220

 FREE reptiles/amphibains and tanks

Im with WPB Exotic Rescue and i have a cousin who lives up in NY and would be more then happy to pick up some reptiles for me, he is driving down here and would love to take them with him if you would like to donate them, or any supplies for that matter. if you have any questions please email me at

Marie with WPB Exotic Rescue

10/18/07  09:23pm


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  Message To: Joe Gatorman   In reference to Message Id: 301494

 FREE reptiles/amphibains and tanks

I need a bigger tank for my turtle his growing to much a I would like to have a free tank if you choose me my address is 400 kings point drive sunny isles, florida thank you for your time bye.

02/23/09  09:38am


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  Message To: Liz1599   In reference to Message Id: 1957712

 FREE reptiles/amphibains and tanks

Hey, this post is from 4 years ago so probably won’t be much help to you now...but if you check on craigslist you might be able to find someone getting rid of a tank or selling one for a reasonable price near where you live.

02/24/09  10:00pm


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  Message To: Alienslime   In reference to Message Id: 251421

 FREE reptiles/amphibains and tanks

Did you leave Brooklyn???? By chance you are still in need of some one adopting your pets? I know this is a LONG shot, based on the date, but what the heck, you never know! We really cant afford to go out and buy all of the things you lister. But it all sound fabulous! Thanks! And if you did get them adopted, I hope they are happy and living with someone who who loves them as much as you seemed to!

Take care, Kt

PS Maybe you know someone or can direct me to a similar situation??

05/06/10  03:50pm


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  Message To: Alienslime   In reference to Message Id: 251421

 FREE reptiles/amphibains and tanks

I’m interested in your geko
I live in las Vegas
If you are giving them away I’d be happy t take them in
Contact me at 17606692219 Kathleen .
Thank you

05/20/13  11:28am

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