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ReptileDre   Devil downs  

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 Unfortunately Have to give away my Reptiles...No $ wanted, just a good home

I am moving away for school and can no longer care for my reptiles. I have a full grown male water dragon, only 4 years old...a little over 2 ft long with tail.
I have a young female water dragon that is only about 11 inches with tail.
I have 2 male bearded dragons that are literally best friends and are inseparable!
And lastly one male red headed Igama.

My reptiles lived together in a guest room. They had all the trees to climb, and open room they wanted. I don’t expect their next handler to give them that luxury but it needs to be something similar. After the lifestyle I gave them they will certainly die of stress if they are put into any type of glass tank. I will give you which ever reptile you want for free as long as you prove to me that they will be in a big terrarium. PLEASE REPLY ASAP FOR I ONLY HAVE A FEW DAYS LEFT TO REHOME THEM. Thank you. - Andre

P.S I have a TON of pictures on my cell phone that I am having a hard time uploading to my computer. If you wish to see any pictures message me and I will text you the the pictures. Trust me, you are going to love these reptiles.

12/05/12  02:42pm


Devil downs
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  Message To: ReptileDre   In reference to Message Id: 2287135

 Unfortunately Have to give away my Reptiles...No $ wanted, just a good home

Im extremely extremely more then intrested to adopt all of yoy beardies, water dragons, and any other kind of reptiles you need to be rehoned. Ive been rescueing aninals for years and im still always intresyed in adopting more. I live in new jersey. Bearded dragons have become my favoritr repttile ever. I have a beardie hell thatll be one years old
In december. I also take car of five leopard gecjos. I love animals and caring for them.
Bearded dragons have become my favorite... as soon as i. Got my beardie i fell iin love witjh him.
Pkease text me 856 870 5350 thanks, lairen

12/08/12  12:49am

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