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 Beardies need help

A few months ago I posted about a local store near me that has a male and female bearded dragons in the same cage. Nothing for them to get under, water that is grossly filthy, and barely 1/4 of an inch of sand on the bottom. I have been trying to help the owner of the store to better take care of them, and by what I saw this past weekend, she has not listened to anything I have said.

Well, my husband who says "no more animals" in our house, saw them last weekend and wants to buy them from her to get them out from under her care.

They were the worst i’ve seen them yet. They are both skinny, there is "slimy stuff" floating in their water, no food, no shelter still and dead bugs and flies all over the cage. The only light they have is a regular house bulb.

The female has laid 2 clutches of eggs, and none of them (thank goodness) have hatched because the woman doesn’t know what she’s doing.

The owner of the store stated that none of her employees told her that they were out of food (crickets and pinkies is what she feeds them) for a few days, so she gave them some roamain lettuce. So no telling when the last time they had a good meal was. My husband and I ran down to the local Pet Smart and got her 80 crickets to see if it would tide them over and they could at least have a meal.

The only thing she is thinking about is the money, she wants babies and since she has yet to incubate any, i’m assuming that she just wants these beardies out now since she has agreed to lower her price from $300 for the both of them and the cage, to $150 becasue we are (as she says) long time customers of her store.

My husband will only purchase them if we have a home set up and waiting when we get them as he does not want to keep them.

So, my question to you all there anyone who can open their homes and has enough room for a male and female solid grey colored beardie? (we are in Riverside County Calif)

I have no clue how old they are and niether does she.

Thanks for listening to my rambling.

05/29/12  04:19pm


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  Message To: May92   In reference to Message Id: 2268077

 Beardies need help

can you pay for shipping and if you do how much are they?

07/05/12  08:30pm

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