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 How to design advertising LED display to attract

how to design advertising LED display to attract
led of the developed countries in order to seize the high ground, in the led standards and testing have invested a great deal of manpower and resources to focus on selected led in the standards and test methods of parameters. china’s current non-standard led lighting, led lighting, there is no corresponding detection system. some companies purchase some of the testing equipment. however, due to lack of professional research, testing the low level of equipment supporting the poor, detection accuracy is low, can not be compared to each other, the test project can not meet the need. although the professional testing organization in china have carried out research in a number of led test, but due to limited conditions, yet can not form a complete inspection and evaluation system, its level is still a wide gap between developed countries. at present, china has embarked on testing department test method of led lighting, including the development of testing equipment. national standardization technical committee lighting led lighting has the technical standards and test method standards included in the standard work plan for 2004, hopes to led lighting standards, and promoting the development of led technology in lighting applications. flashing boards
when the fully charged lithium battery provides 4.2v output voltage, in a very short period of working hours will be reduced to a nominal 3.5v. as the battery discharges, the output voltage will further drop to 3.0v. if you directly from the battery-powered white led shown in figure 3, it will produce the following questions: first, when the battery is fully charged, all diodes are lit, but with different intensity and color. when the battery voltage drops to its nominal voltage, light intensity, and the differences between white light becomes larger. therefore, designers must consider battery voltage and diode forward voltage value, and need to calculate the series resistor. (with the battery completely discharge, part of the led will be completely extinguished.) charge pump with current control led power supply is to provide a high enough output voltage, and led connected in parallel on the same load current. multi-color sign board
diligent glazing electricity correlation intellectual property assistant directors call a spade a spade to the present situation of internal led enterprise .the wang yuhong level speech : being compared with the tradition illumination product , led still is being faced with many challenges in the development of interior lighting . the superiority focusing interior lighting optimum solution providing with self of corporation is definitely in the scheme , and straines every nerve mainly to push the green save energy and the high science and technology superiority of intelligent illumination , and breaks traditional interior lighting application limitations , and pushes on " area source " product grinding a production reaching completely , with the high capability lamps and lanterns combinations specialties illumination design schemes founds comfortable illumination , healthy illumination and fashion illumination new the concept

01/13/12  12:35am

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