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Hi all.
My son talked me into getting a rabbit that was in our local paper because he said she looked sad and needed help.
We went to look at her and she was indeed, very sad. She was very thin, her nails were WAY to long, and her hair was falling out.
He talked me into taking her so we took her.

We had her for less than 24 hrs and she gave birth. I was SHOCKED to wake up at 6 in the morning the day after we got her and find babies as i thought she was way to emaciated to be pregnant.

She had 2 babies, both survived and she was a good mom. We found a home for the one baby, and we still need a home for the other baby. The baby isn’t a baby anymore, he turned 1 yr old on March 6th. The reason we haven’t found a home is because i just can’t give him away or advertise him in the paper as i’m afraid he may end up like his mother and not be taken care of.

So, i’ve been on this site for a few months now (Bearded dragon forum) and decided that maybe i could post here and see if anyone wants a cute adorable 1 yr old bunny.

We have no clue what he is, mom was supposed to be a lionhead (although she has no lionhead at all) and we have no clue who the daddy is, but the baby has some pretty frizzy hair going on around his face.

So, anyone want a free bunny that will promise to love and care for him forever? If not, he will stay with us. I’m not in a hurry to find him a home, i just don’t think he is getting the amount of attention he needs at our house.

He is 1 yr old and litter box trained.
We are in Southern California.


06/23/11  06:13pm


Lizard lover 101
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  Message To: May92   In reference to Message Id: 2226354

 Bunny taker!!!

I will Take her if you will be able to aford to ship it to 1703 west ave Columbia TN please write back my dad said I could get if you were able to ship it and I was looking for a cute baby one I already have food a cage and stuff I just could not afford to buy the bunny its my email is please write back..
~Hailey :D

09/10/11  05:01pm


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  Message To: Lizard lover 101   In reference to Message Id: 2236391

 Bunny taker!!!

I don’t know how much it would cost for shipping, and i’m not to sure a rabbit would do well being shipped as they stress out easy.

Sorry. I was hoping for someone closer to me in Calif.

09/12/11  01:31pm


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  Message To: May92   In reference to Message Id: 2236695

 Bunny taker!!!

I know it is a little late, but if you still have the rabbit and are looking to re-home it still I may be able to help. I work with a rabbit rescue in So Cal. Redondo Beach to be more specific. we may be able to helo if you truly are not able to care for the rabbit.

03/11/12  03:36am


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  Message To: Iggy96   In reference to Message Id: 2258383

 Bunny taker!!!

Yes, I do still have both bunnies, the mom and one baby.

It is not that we are not able to care for them, it’s the fact that I have several animals and the rabbits are not getting the attention they should have, and the babies were completely unexpected.

If I do not find a home for them, they are safe where they are, but if you have room in your rescue, that would be great.
Do I need to spay and nueter them first?

My main concern with giving them away to just anyone was that I didn’t want them to be bred as I have seen how many unwanted bunnies are out there now.

03/22/12  04:02pm

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