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 2 Hermit Crabs!!!! Need New Homes!!!

The hermit crab forum is dead, so i will try this one, but i guess this one died too.

Anyways, i am reposting. I have 2 hermit crabs that desperately need new homes.
They come with large 10 gallon tank, heat lamp, food/ water dishes, furniture and food..and everything else we have for them, plus, lots of shells to change into.

The one is a medium crab, with a yellow/lime shell, and he is Very friendly..
The other one is a small crab, with a tortoise/like shell. This one is super cute, and has never pinched. He is a lil shy.

Well thank you for viewing, i need response ASAP.

I live in NY.

Hermit crabs are awesome pets, great beginner pets too, and they do not need much care.

Thank you..

I can try to put pics up if you want...

I am asking 25, or best offer..

02/08/11  10:18am


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  Message To: Jefwithonef005   In reference to Message Id: 2203753

 2 Hermit Crabs!!!! Need New Homes!!!

I was looking for a beginner pet for my 8 year old. What do they eat? What is the care? Are they still available?

02/14/11  09:40am


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  Message To: Nikkita64   In reference to Message Id: 2204875

 2 Hermit Crabs!!!! Need New Homes!!!

Im sorry. They are not available anymore :(..Your a little late..Thay just eat peanut butter, salad, cereal, Ect. and petstores sell food for them also. But they are verrry easy. Perfect beginner pets. sorry :(

02/16/11  08:40pm

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