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 FREE Rabbit to Good Home

I am currently looking into getting a dog, and i must get rid of 2 of my pets. Goober is the rabbit. He never liked me, he is nice to everyone else. He is love able.
Goober is a mini lops, he is 2 years old. none of my friends want him, but we all want to find him a loving caring family with a nice yard for him to run around in. He will go in a litter box. He does not dig when he is outside as long as there is a bush for him to be in. he is NOT neutered, and he loves to be the dominant one. i have funny memories with him so i do not want to send him to the pound. anyone who wants a rabbit please let me know, you must be able to come and pick him up. and he does not come with a hutch, sorry.

10/29/10  09:27am

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