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Dracolvr   Fairy Frog Mother  
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 Great Dane Puppy

I am ardently searching for a great dane puppy to own in the near future. I’ve been doing my research and have had an enormous passion for them for years. If you know of someone that has dane puppies, breeds them sometimes, is going to breed them, or is searching for a home for one please let me know!

Preferably BLUES (any variation), merles, and harlequins. And preferably near the OKLAHOMA area.

I’m wanting it to be my loving companion, exercise buddy, protector, cuddler, and lounger. Not for show or breeding.

Thanks so much,
Megan, Oklahoma

04/02/10  02:17pm


Fairy Frog Mother
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  Message To: Dracolvr   In reference to Message Id: 2137937

 Great Dane Puppy

Dont rule out Great Dane Rescue.
I grew up with Danes, and whole heartedly agree they are fantastic dogs.
Rescues take in dogs who the owners give up because they cant keep, or well lots of ways they get there really. Not many Animal Care and Control agencies are set up for Giant Breeds.

Also, keep an eye out on craigs list for folks rehoming pets in your area.

09/13/10  03:18pm

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