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 Olive Python for sale/adoption

I will start by saying that this is not my snake. It is my friends snake. It was left in a small box on their porch 2 months ago. It has some damage to it’s face from trying to get out of the box but is healing. It is a male between 12-16 feet long. They can not keep this animal and asked me to help in rehoming him. It is $400.00 or best offer. No trades. He just needs a home. I will post pictures tomorrow or Saturday. If you are interested please comtact me a.s.a.p. My email is XxXShadowXxX32 at yahoo . com. My home phone number is 1-562-984-0932. I am in Long Beach, California, 90805. Thank you.


01/08/09  09:16pm


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  Message To: Me-Me   In reference to Message Id: 1928758

 Olive Python for sale/adoption

I’ll take it if shipping can be arranged to Alabama. The largest specimen I’ve had experience with was between 10-11 ft. long but I’d never handle a big boy like this alone. Too much risk. . I have an enclosure that is adequate for him as I’ve been looking for a 10’ plus snake for some time. Is it social? agressive?

07/18/09  08:18am


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  Message To: Phoenix01   In reference to Message Id: 2041215

 Olive Python for sale/adoption

Why would you sell a snake that was left on your door step with wounds on its face?

03/07/10  11:02pm

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