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Below are a set of questions and answers.
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Log In Questions
Q. Do I have to login everytime I use the forums or any other member related part of the site? A. Yes, unless you selected to automatically remember your password when you signed up or you can change that in the edit profile section or the members area. Edit Profile Q. I can't log in, what should I do? A. Try using the get password information. Log-In Then goto your email and see if you get your password. If that doesnt work contact us Here and I will personally check into it right away. Also if you were banned or marked inactive this will prevent you from logging in. At this point you must contact us above, so we can straighten the problem out. Q. How do I change my log in information such as password or email address? A. At present time you can't, this will be made available in the near future. For now you will have to be logged in and use this form Here I will handle this situation manually for now. Q. I dont want to be emailed by anyone, what do I do? A. Goto View Profile and make sure "Allow members to contact me through email" is unchecked. Click "update profile". Then relogin when promted. You must relogin for any profile update to take effect. Forum Questions
Q. I keep having to login in everytime I post a message. A. You may not have cookies enabled on your browser, or you may have not set remember password in your profile. Goto Edit Profile and check remember password. Then relogin when prompted. Q. How do I email someone in the forum. A. Below the persons name is a link "View Profile", click that and you will be taken to thier profile. If they allow contact through email here you will see a button "contact this memeber". If you do not see that...they do not allow contact from the forums. Q. The link maker, color picker, smile faces, and image maker don't seem to work. A. You must have a javascript enabled browser to use these features, else you have to do them manually. A how to section will be provided shortly. Q. The forums dont come up or takes a while to load. A. This may be browser related. Try updating your browser. Or download a new one. Neither or Datasect, LLC are held responsible for information on this site. This is for information and entertainment only. Use the information on this site at your own risk. We are not responsible for articles and posts on We suggest you take the information on this site and compare it to others information before acting upon it. also reserves the right to ban, edit, delete, move, change, remove, close, correct and reprint all data, information, pictures, images, and articles submitted on this here site. If you feel your copyright material has been submitted here, please contact me and we will straighten it out. All information submitted to this site is logged with an ip address and date. Any violation of the above rules may result in a warning or the user being banned. In some cases the proper authrorities may be notified. If there are any questions pertaining to these rules to any extent please contact me
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