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Green anoles Care Sheets
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Care Sheet for Anoles

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Years Experience:

1 to 2 Years


Green anoles

Other Species or Phases this Care Sheet May Cover:

Bahaman Anoles, Geckos, All small lizards and suitable animals

Sexing and Characteristics:


Mostly Active During:


Substrate and Water Needs:

Substrate i use zoomeds reptibark which works perfectly well and helps with the humidity and is good for not being eating by them. buy two bags and when you change the whole bark 4-6 weeks between those t8mes spot clean areas. you can swap the bark over and use one while you wash out the other one. Saves MONEY
No really water dish is needed sparey the walls and the palts and decor an they will lap iit up

Lighting and UVB:

Light use a 50 watt upto a 100 watt depending on size of vivarium and amount of lizards so as you dont burn them start low if your unsure. Uvb basking lamp and a clamp light either clamped or placed on the wire top (make sure they wont hang upside down under the light and burn as they source heat from the tops.
at night change to a red night light to keep the temp a few degrees lower.

Temperatures and Humidity:

Temp day time 80-90/95 degrees at night 5 degrees or so lower anything above 75-80 is usually ok as everyone knows temp can be tricky to keep the same all the time.

Heating and Equipment:

Heat a basking lamp in one corner of your tank make a specific basking area that has some sort of shaded / hiding area near it aswell. the other area of your tank can be left fairly dark it needs no special light or heat they will move to where they want to be at any giving time.
if you have to or feel you want to a under tank heat pad is a supplemment thoguh the main source is the basking lamp.

Caging Provided:

Glass take (like you keep fish in) with a mesh or wired top for ventilation work perfectly Pkastic works good too but harder too clean as it can get scratched.
size wise for each lizard or animal 5-10 gallons is the pefrct size per animal. yet you can have 4-5 6-8 inch lizards in a 3-40 gallon tank happilly. Any more and i would say buy a second tank or upgrade to a new size.



Description of Diet:

Primarily crickets dusted with viatmins each week and gut loaded.
som,e people say you can give small bit of potato or pech i have never tried that but i may do as alot of people mention it. Its up to you to try remeber to remove that type of thing quickly if not eating within a short space of time as it will rot and get bacteria.
Buy your crickets as found can have pesticides and things on them you can also try freeze dried worms and crickets as a variant.

Supplements, Nutrition and Usage:

Gut loaded (calcium) crickets a calcium pellet fed to your crickets a day or so before you feed them to your lizards
and sprinkle them


Spot clean the tank once a week and take out decor and run through hot hot hot water this can vbe scuttery if you are a little nervous with the speed of your animals and the fact most jusmp it will take about 30 - 60 minutes also clean the inside and out side walls with again hot hot water everything gets hot water used on it.
every month CLEN everything out substarte walls everything best thing to do is take eeverything out replace the flooring clean decor and fill the take with HOT water in the bath tub and do it all in the bath.

Some Words on this Species:

There great for begginners and alot of fun for slightly older children especially if you want to lean how to look after a slightly unsusual animal Especially if you are hassling your parents for a big iguanna or something then learn with these.
I know its sounds sick but what would you prefer to lose a 8 dollar animal by accident or an 80 dollar + animal by accident.
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