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Mice Care Sheets
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Care Sheet for Mice and Rats or other Rodents

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Mice and Rats or other Rodents

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Years Experience:

1 to 2 Years



Other Species or Phases this Care Sheet May Cover:

Covers most mice (Fance, dwarf, etc)

Sexing and Characteristics:

Mice are not hard to breed. You need only one male. If you have more then one male they will fight until one chooses to stop. This can cause serious injury to your mouse, or death. Females go into heat about every 3-5 days. That is average, some will go a little longer. It is best to have 1.2+ mice. That is one male and at least two female. Females will be pregnant for about 21-28days average. Possibly less as well.

Mostly Active During:


Substrate and Water Needs:

I personally go with newspaper on the bottom of the cage. But to cover it up for more, appealing looks. I use cut up napkins. About seven for my 10 x6 x8 critter cage. Simply fold it and cut. Put it in the cage and the mice will do with it how they want it. The first couple times they are in a new home they will use specific locations for your napkin paper. And will tear at the newspaper below as well. Clean water daily at least. You could also spoil your mice by using cotton for substrate. Some people use drippers for water delivery, but it doesn’t matter if you bu a dripper or you, do what I did, and cut the bottom of a big gulp off and fill it with some tap water. (Buy a dripper or get a big gulp.)

Lighting and UVB:

None needed. I keep my mice in my closet for the simulated night time.

Temperatures and Humidity:

Mice are not picky so room temp will be fine. It is higher then 65F and lower then 90F. Room temp will be fine. As for humidity, not really needed. Your room humidity will work fine.

Heating and Equipment:

No additional heating needed. The average temp of the room will do.

Caging Provided:

I use a cage normally used for large spiders. A critter cage that is (Like I said before) 10 x6 x8. No mesh top for something this low. They can bite through it. If you choose to get a tank for your mice, make sure they don’t have anything to climb on to get to your mesh tank top. The last thing you want from your breeding supply is a plague. Mice are good climbers. As for hides go; I have two in my critter cage. A toilet paper roll, and a small container that use to hold some gummy bears. Simple as that. Not expensive at all.



Description of Diet:

Mice will eat any store bite mouse food. I use a store bought food called Forti-Diet. It supposedly has good nutrients and is specifically made for Rats, Mice, and Hamsters. Every now and then I will put in a small piece or corn. They inhale it. So veggies, seeds, store bought foods (Obviously). No dog foods or cats foods. As it can be harmful.

Supplements, Nutrition and Usage:

None directly. The food they eat will provide for them correctly if using store bought. Store bought food supply will normally say on the box/bag what kind of vitamins or calcium, etc are in it.


Mice can be difficult as far as being clean goes. I change the water every day at least. I wash out the cage, at most, every five days. Mice will kick substrate into their water dish, soil it, but food in it. They cannot control their bladder (Literally) so they just go and go. It is fine as long as it doesn’t become a problem to the owner’s expense by not cleaning it.

Some Words on this Species:

Mice are fair breeders. They sleep at day, play at night. Not expensive and not loud. They don’t need much space as they sleep on top of each other. Climb all over each other. Simple maintenance.
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