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Green Anoles( anolis carolinesis) Care Sheets
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Care Sheet for Anoles

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Cole anole

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3 to 5 Years


Green Anoles( anolis carolinesis)

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Sexing and Characteristics:

A Green Anole has a few ways to be sexed but not many are very reliable. The most reliable is to go to a vet and have them sex it for you(will cost money probably).None of these methods i will tell you are 100% accurate but some are better than others. Some people think that males have larger heads but that is definitely not true. Age plays a huge factor in that and anoles heads come in a lot! of different sizes. I have seen a male and female from the same clutch only a few days apart and the female had a bigger head. Another way to find out is a dewlap test.Basically a dewlap on the male is more colorful than on the female and usually larger. Some females dewlaps are palely colored. This is one of the more reliable ones but still comes with a lot of problems. One of the most reliable is that males always have two post anal scales or bulges just above where the tale meets with the body.They are very easy to see.Obviously the smaller the anole the harder to determine but this is one of the best ways to sex a green anole i think.

Mostly Active During:


Substrate and Water Needs:

They should be misted around 2-3 times daily because they rarely drink from a dish and like to drink off of leaves. They need water as much as a human does. If they get dehydrated their eyes will be sunken in a bit and might have a lack of appetite.For substrate you definitely do not want sand/ gravel. If a anole consumes enough of it they could get impaction which is where sand gathers in the intestines causing it to have some problems. Impaction is fatal to a certain extent. Another substrate is organic potting soil. It is good but if you are to use it make sure it has NO perlite( the little white things in fertilizer) this is bad for a anole. Other wise it is a good substrate. There is also little wood chips you can buy that are good except from experience crickets like to hide in it and and makes it harder for you anole to eat. There are also others out there but i just covered some of the main ones.

Lighting and UVB:

Green anoles need UVB. If they donít have it they wont be very happy.Ive heard that if without it they are more vulnerable to a bone disease.It is also good if you have a heating lamp to. For my anoles i each have a 60 watt bulb. If you buy these kinds of things form a pet store they are pricey but i recommend getting a uvb light form a pet store but little reading lamps with 60 watt bulbs still give off heat.

Temperatures and Humidity:

In your anoles cage he/she should be provided with a warm side and a cool side and a basking spot where it gets the warmest. On the warm side it should be in and around the 80ís and on the cool side it should be in and around the 70ís. the basking spot should be high 80ís very low 90ís.During night it should be cooler like around 65. Green anoles donít need a whole lot of humidity but every once in a while i pump it up high. It should be around high 60ís or 70ís.

Heating and Equipment:

Uvb and a basking light around 60 watts. They give off heat but not always enough heat so find a light that matches the temperatures Iíve given you.

Caging Provided:

# of anoles x 10=gallon of tank. example:for 1 anole:10 gallons minimum!(notice i said minimum the bigger the better) for 2:20 gallons minimum. for 3:30 gallons minimum etc... Green anole tanks should be heavily planted because they are arboreal. Real or fake plants work good but if you are using real make sure they will not harm the anole in any way. You can also give them a hide and a water dish but like i said earlier they do not like to drink from water dishes but if in drastic measures they will so just in case. You should also have maybe a thermometer and a hygrometer to measure temperature and humidity.



Description of Diet:

Crickets are the basic food for a green anole. They should be smaller than the head because you donít want to risk it choking or something like that.Wax worms are used to fatten a skinny/sick anole up because they are so fattening but i recommend not feeding them if your anole is perfectly fine. I feed my anoles at least 1 or 2 times a day to keep them good weight/size. Some people feed theirs 1 cricket every other day but personally i say this is underfeeding a anole.Some people overfeed it also. It can come down to how skinny or how fat your anole is and it is your choice.The healthier the food the healthier the anole will be.

Supplements, Nutrition and Usage:

Crickets can be dusted with calcium which strengthens a anoles bones as it would for us. Calcium is help full when a female is pregnant because it not only helps her it helps her offspring before they are born.


Clean your tank every time its gets dirty enough so that would be around a every month if you like just make sure it doesnít get really dirty because that will affect the health of your anole. Clean tank equals happy/clean anole! Replace the substrate every time you clean to because it contains a lot of the mess.

Some Words on this Species:

By the end when your tank is finished and you have a happy anole the price tag will come over $100.00 if you want you re anole to live a long and happy life
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