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Sexing Your Bearded Dragon

We put this article together with general characteristics and photos to help you determine what sex your bearded dragon is. Sexing young bearded dragons can be harder to do. We hope this tutorial will be helpful in determing the sex of your bearded dragon.

* Note: Not all bearded dragons are built the same and this page is meant to be used as a general guide to sexing bearded dragons.  So your bearded dragon may show more or less sexing characteristics as listed or illustrated below.

How to tell the difference between a male and a female bearded dragon.
Identifying A Male Bearded Dragon

  • Male Bearded Dragons usually have larger broader heads.

  • Male Bearded Dragons tails are usually thicker at the base.

  • Male Bearded Dragons have two bumps on the underside of the base of their tails.

  • Identifying A Female Bearded Dragon

  • Female Bearded Dragons usually have smaller heads.

  • Female Bearded Dragons tails are usually more slender and tapered.

  • Female Bearded Dragons have one bump or no bump on the underside of the tail by the vent.

  • Pictures to help you determine the sex your bearded dragon
    A Male Bearded Dragons Hemipene Bulge

    Male Bearded Dragon Hemipenes
    Male Bearded Dragons have two bulges at the base of their tail
    Sexing of a Male Bearded Dragon
    A Female Bearded Dragons Underside

    Lack of Hemipenes or bulge of a Female Bearded Dragon
    Sexing of a Female Bearded Dragon

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