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Ever wonder what your electric bill is for your reptiles?

Please Fill Out The Form Below To Get Your Estimated Power Bill For Your Reptile Appliances

Step 1

Finding out your charge per kilo-watt hour.
1. You can call up your electric company and ask. Which is probably the easist.
2. You can check your last electric bill. Most bills have that on there.

Multiple sets of charges...
Some companies have different ways they bill you. Some charge fuel and non-fuel rates, some have other methods. Some electric companies have a calculator on their website where you can get an estimated price.

You have more then one set of charges, such as one price per kilo-watt hours up to 1000.
Then a different price after that.

I suggest you use the highest to get a more safe estimate of your bill.

 Your utility charge per kilo-watt hour

 Amount of reptile appliances


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