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Ca:P Ratio (Calcium:Phosphorus Ratio) Vegetable Chart For Reptiles
Below is a list of common vegetables and their Calicum to Phosphorus Ratios (Ca:P Ratios)

Why is it important to know Calcium-Phosphorus Ratios?
Most people don't realize the importance of the calcium-Phosphorus ratio. For every gram of phosphorus ingested your reptile's body needs to at least one gram of calcium to match that gram of calcium in order for phosphorus to be absorbed by the intestinal wall. If you do not at least match the phosphorus gram for gram with calcium, they will pull the calcium from the reptile's body which will possibly result in Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD).

List Order Alphabetically
Vegetable Ca:P Ratio
Calcium:Phosphorus Ratio
Collard Greens 14.5:1
Mustard Greens 7.52:1
Papaya 4.80:1
Turnip Greens 4.42:1
Parsley 3.25:1
Beet Greens 2.98:1
Dandelion greens 2.89:1
Chinese Cabbage 2.85:1
Coriander 2.72:1
Looseleaf Lettuce 2.71:1
Kale 2.41:1
Chicory 2.14:1
Spinach 2.02:1
Green Cabbage 2.00:1
Watercress 2.00:1
Endive 1.86:1
Raspberries 1.8:1
Butternut Squash 1.5:1
Grapes 1.40:1
Celery 1.40:1
Green Beans 1.21:1
Red Cabbage 1.20:1
Radish 1.13:1
Swiss Chard 1.10:1
Arugula 1:1
Tofu 1.08:1
Pear 1.06:1
Apples 1.00:1
Pineapple 1.00:1
Acorn Squash .90:1
Watermelon .93:1
Honeydew melon .88:1
Cucumber .78:1
Cherry .77:1
Romaine lettuce .77:1
Strawberry .75:1
Broccoli .72:1
Apricot .71:1
Brussels Sprouts .61:1
Cauliflower .61:1
Carrots .59:1
Cantaloupe .59:1
Summer Squash .57:1
Apples, without skin .56:1
Parsnips .5:1
Pumpkin .48:1
Zucchini .48:1
Alfalfa Sprouts .46:1
Peaches .45:1
Asparagus .41:1
Cooked White Rice .37:1
Banana .32:1
Yam .31:1
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