Your Reptile and Amphibian Resource and Information Site
First off...Thank you for your time in reading this. Below is a bit of information about this site and goals that I hope to achieve for this site and the future.

About This Site...
This site was created to provide information and resources to herp hobbyist. What makes this site special is the people that tested and help me design this site are our fellow hobbyists. These hobbyists being Eyespy, Flavia, Xta, and PE.

What makes this site different from most other reptile sites?
Every area of this site was written personally by myself from scratch.
None of it was borrowed, bought, or stolen.
I spent several months writing and creating a site that would be useful to everyone in the hobby and will continue to do so. If you have any suggestions feel free to contact me anytime.

Goals and Future For This Site...
The goals of this site is to make for everyone to enjoy. I would like to keep it fun and arguments down to a minimum. I plan on adding a lot of features to the site to increase your reading, information, and entertainment needs. I also plan on keeping the site easy on the eyes and easy to find your way around. This site unlike many others is 100% original.

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